About Us


Aspire Wealth Investments was established by Jose da Costa, businessman and entrepreneur. 

It was launched with a goal driven philosophy – to offer accelerated business opportunities and to impart his 30 culminative years of experience in a leadership, strategic and mentoring capacity.

Aspire Wealth Investments was established in 2016, we have expertise in management services for privately owned companies. This includes the management and maintaining of company compliance in financial, legal and administration through an executive team enabling sustainable growth which includes wealth management.

Aspire understands the significant asset and financial value of residential and commercial properties and therefore the importance of a robust and diversified property portfolio.


We are committed to our Investors by tangible means of dignity, wellbeing, transparency and providing developments through a superior property portfolio.


Aspire seeks to reflect a passion for life in residential and commercial property development. We adapt to sustainable practices and strive for innovation, pursuing fresh ideas and architecture in creating an exceptional property portfolio.


Providing a prudent platform for clients to invest.


Have a positive impact on individuals to perform beyond expectation


We endeavour to build open and honest relationships

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