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The partnership between Aspire and WMI shows the commitment from both parties in executing what is now known as one the most affluent interior design companies.

11Wanda Michelle Interiors


At Wanda-Michelle Interiors, they are driven and dedicated to the beauty of aesthetics, and have been primarily involved in the residential and leisure market now also offering Executive Spaces, an online store, and extensive Build and Civils experience for a ‘ground up’ solution. In 2000, they entered the market trading under the Wanda-Michelle Interiors name and began focusing on renovations, refurbishments and upgrades. WMI divisions consists of Online and Decor, Executive Spaces and Build and Civils.

Seventeen years later, their extensive experience and keen eye for detail has resulted in our solid reputation built around a business that represents savvy design, innovative thinking and tailor-made brilliance.  They work on projects both locally and internationally and this diverse footprint gives their design a pioneering edge.

Not only does WMI have full time designers that are proficient in AutoCad and Revit, bringing technical expertise to the firm, they also have strong relationships with suppliers and craftsmen. This helps build a solid, respectable reputation, loyalty and reliability that is vital.

Their expertise lays in the interface between the client and the architect of all modern design projects, be it large or small. This allows WMI to succeed from inception to completion, to interpreting the client’s needs, to defining the architectural space and to enhance the design.



A multi-faced process in which both creative and technical design solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built internal environment.


By applying wallpaper, painting walls, choosing furniture and fabrics so that it looks beautiful, easy to use and functions well within the existing architecture. 


WMI provide renovations and understands the value of restoring a building. It entails repairing the structure, with the emphasis on upgrading the existing property.


They will analyse and design according to the customer’s spatial and occupancy requirements, including, but not limited to, space layouts and final planning.

They will manage the overall planning, the coordination and the complete rollout of a design project from inception to completion of the project. 

The construction of new houses or other buildings. Incorporating it as part of an existing infrastructure or to provide new build services from the ground up. 


Their projects have been featured on Top Billing and Home Channel TV, and they are regular contributors to Visi, Affluence, Private Edition and Slow magazines.

WMI is listed as a design agency with The South African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID). The IID is the only professional body representing the Interior Design industry in South Africa.

It operates nationally with representation in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern and Western Cape. The IID is a Member of IFI, the International Federation of Interior Architects and Designers. The Institute is dedicated to establishing, promoting and maintaining expertise, professionalism, sound business practice and high standards throughout the industry.


11Wanda Michelle Interiors