Bio-Therapeutic South Africa




Bio-Therapeutic was founded in Seattle in 1974 and now has 30 patents, and dozens of awards. Bio-Therapeutic is represented in over 30 countries and are an official supplier of Advanced Skin Care Technology for the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica.
Bio-Therapeutic South Africa is home to a sales, marketing, design and engineering teams. They are passionate about delivering forward thinking products, cutting edge technology and professional education and support to their skin care partners. 
The Bio-Therapeutic education team in SA is designed to support their partners, the skin therapist/owner with the education and knowledge to generate measurable results, business growth and continual personal development together with Bio-Therapeutic.
They are focussed on creating products and equipment that combine technology and traditional skin care into technology accelerated skin care.
Bio-Therapeutic maintains three distinct technology brands.


Compact, battery operated mobile technology.

Mid size technology, able to bring a unique “accent” to any service.

Technology that offers extraordinary results for skin care objectives.


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